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Fundraising activity ideas

Here are a few different activities you could do for your Big Day Back on 5 September – either at work, school or individually!
Bring back home made food

Organise a breakfast, lunch or a classic bake sale. Invite people to come and sample the delicious goodies for a donation.

Turn back time

Bring back leg warmers, perm your hair and go back to the 80’s for the day! Or why not pick another theme – the options are endless! Prizes for the best fancy dress and fines for those that don't participate!

Back in the saddle

Set yourself a physical challenge, such as a cycle ride, in September and ask for sponsorship.

Big day back auction
Give back to each other

Host an Auction of Promises! What talents do your colleagues possess? Individuals/teams promise to provide a service to the highest bidder (e.g. 1 hour Spanish/guitar lesson or organise a team lunch). Others then bid for it! Put up a sheet of paper in your office or kitchen and encourage your colleagues to put up their promises. Other colleagues can then place their bids. A great way to share expertise and fundraise!

big day back baby photo
Baby got back

Ask everyone in the team to send you a baby photo of themselves and then pin up the photos in your communal area. Charge a small fee for entry and ask your colleagues to guess which baby is who on a sheet of answer paper. The person with the most correct answers scores a prize.

Big day back Have Eachothers Backs
Have each other’s backs

Use this day to perform a random act of kindness for another person and ask them to donate what they think it is worth. For example – buy a cup of coffee or offer to do someone’s filing.

Put back that treat!

Give up something for the month of September and donate what you would have spent or get others to sponsor you. It could be coffee, wine or even Facebook!

Big day back Karaoke
Back on the mic

Tune up your vocal chords and organise a karaoke night or collect sponsorship to hear your CEO / Principal sing!

Big day back trivia night
Back yourself at Trivia

Pick a venue and organise a trivia night. Put your friends and colleagues' knowledge to the test!