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Fundraise at work

Use Big Day Back as part of your Disability Awareness Strategy at work

How inclusive is your workplace? Use the Big Day Back as way to promote the importance of disability awareness and inclusion for your staff and customers.

Encourage your employees to come together and connect in the workplace

Social isolation is a huge issue for people with a disability but according to the Australian Human Resource Institute, it is also proving one of the most crippling issues for workplace engagement and productivity.

Use the Big Day Back to bring people from across the organisation together. Help create connections in the workplace whilst fundraising for a good cause.

What’s involved?

Whether it’s a traditional bake sale or an auction of promises, it’s easy for your company to make a big difference.

It’s easy to organise: Decide what you want to do and let us know.

It’s easy to promote: Use our free fundraising tools to help spread the word around the office.

It’s easy to collect donations: Create a company branded online fundraising page to speed up collecting cash and show everyone what you have raised.

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